Assessing the Slave Trade


               This data visualization represents the amount of slaves disembarking in the Spanish Americas. The data was extracted from the the website where it was displayed as a spreadsheet. This graph and data caused me to ask the question: Why is there an increasing trend starting around 1780 and spanning a half century? I found out that most of the slaves were arriving in Cuba. In 1762 the Seven Years War between Britain and France broke out. From 1762 to 1763 Britain occupied Cuba, for the war, and greatly expanded the slave plantation system on the island. This set Cuba up to be a major slave location, possibly explaining the beginning of the increasing trend. Later on in 1792, slaves revolted on the French controlled Hispaniola, gained independence, and abolished slavery. They set up farms and gained a lot of sugar plantations and trade. The sugar practice expanded to Spanish controlled Cuba. Cuba still had the system of slavery in place, and used slaves for sugar production, increasing the amount of slaves being transported to the Cuba. This explains the temporary increasing trend.




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