Reflection- Brave New World and Individuality

              Brave New World is unlike any other book I have ever read. It is true that it is a dystopian future novel, but somehow it is different. I get a strange feeling when I read it, and almost everything in it disturbs me; even the amount of uniformity and organization that goes into everything from babies being bred to everyday life. One concept that is referenced frequently is  hypnopædia or the practice of brainwashing people in their sleep. I found it preposterous and inhumane that they would so heavily control what people though and felt, but it made me think about my own life. In a way we are influenced with similar procedures more subtly in our lives today. Our parents, teachers, religion, and social structures are what ultimately dictate who we are. We can pretend and think that we have free will and make our own choices and have our own opinions, but if we were raised in different circumstances we would be so different. Dystopian future novels such as Brave New World are supposed to be exaggerated versions of the way our lives are going, and Aldous Huxley really shows the dangers of Uniformity and being heavily influenced. There is really no way to prevent influencing and being influenced though because humans are “programmed” to learn from others and experiences. Much of Brave New World ties in with another topic we have been studying; Industrialization. One of the outcomes of industrialization has been not only the assembly line but an assembly line mentality. A mentality that machines an efficiency should be the highest values, rather than integrity and human interaction. Something else that this week has made me afraid of is a homogenized world.  A world where everything on the market is the same. In a society such as Britain or America where what we buy defines us so much, a homogenized world presents a scary uniformity. My big take away from this week is that change is good, but I am afraid of becoming a uniformly mechanized society, when we should be moving to becoming more individual.

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  1. Luke atherton
    January 8, 2016 at 2:18 pm

    I agree fully, sweet hat

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