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It is hard to believe that STABLab is essentially over. I am happy that the summer is almost here, but am sad that this unique program is over. 

The third trimester of this year contained many valuable experiences and projects. In having conversations with my peers and Mrs. Reed, I have learned about a few things that I excel at and a few other things about me that need improvement. One thing that all the people I talked to said I was good at, was voicing my opinions and ideas. They said I was always willing to contribute to whatever group I was in, and use my strengths to help. Everyone also agreed that something I needed to improve on was my procrastination. I often leave work to the last minute and am more prone to do this if it does not interest me that much. This is definitely something I need to improve on. Going into junior year, I know I will have more work than I did this year and my procrastination will no longer be a method that works.


Something that I have learned from STABLab is that the process one takes while completing an assignment is important. It is often hard to show how well a process went, but it is still valuable. By this I mean that the way one reaches a goal is as important and the goal or final product itself. One way I have improved on the process of the many STABLab projects is my groupwork. Before STABLab I was a decent member of groups, but I am a lot better now. I now know how to present my ideas, and adapt to fit the needs of my group. During the Nuclear Summit, I had to write a policy brief to prepare for the debate that would take place. This Policy brief was never directly presented, but it was important in learning about the topic that I needed to know more about. That is one example of a “behind the scenes” piece of work that I will put in my evidence of growth page.
One that I need to improve one, that was highlighted this trimester, is my tendency to only do what I am good at. This issue surfaced during the chemical car project. I generally do not feel comfortable with chemistry, so I let my partner, Johnny, take the lead more than I should have. The final product ended up being fine, as our car went very fast, but the process suffered because of my tendency to only do what I am strong at. To make something clear, I still did sufficient work, but it was generally through documentation, writing of reports, organization, or doing the more simple parts of construction.

As I said above, I am sad that STABLab is over because I feel that we really built a family of close individuals over the course of the year.